/ˈatēˌ pänə/.
Origin: Quechua
a triumph or victory after a long, arduous battle

What does atipana have to do with investing?

It reminds us that conditions in the credit markets where we operate can be challenging at times - and to be prepared, calm and flexible. It also reminds us that staying true to our investment philosophy during challenging periods will almost always result in desirable results.  Most importantly, it reminds us of hard, but rewarding, work.


Atipana specializes in private credit-focused alternative investments that are not readily available to individual investors through traditional investment managers. The firm’s alternative investment platform offers differentiated strategies and investor-first structures. Atipana’s perspective, deep knowledge and extensive experience uniquely position the firm to assist investors seeking the income, total return and diversification potential offered by a professionally managed portfolio of private credit investments.

Investment Principles


We believe deep expertise is borne from experience and iteration. Our solid foundation in one proven strategy allows us to execute on straightforward deals, as well as complex transactions that others may not be equipped to handle.

Because of our experience with one clear-cut strategy, we can be thoughtful and customize solutions to help fit a wide range of transactions. We have financed a broad portfolio of companies spanning many industries where our capital has been used to meet a variety of needs.

We believe that alignment of interests is critical for success. At Atipana Capital, our interests are fully aligned with our partners' as nearly all of our personal wealth is invested in our strategy. We only succeed when our partners succeed.



Gerbian King founded Atipana Capital in 2019. The firm primarily operates in the private credit markets in the United States providing capital to small and medium-sized enterprises. Atipana Capital seeks to invest where market inefficiency is greatest. Atipana exploits its size and scale advantage, able to nimbly invest where other larger market participants are unable.

Atipana’s Principals have decades of experience in consumer and commercial lending, extensive corporate finance skills, and significant operating experience. Our comprehensive understanding of the credit landscape enhances our ability to provide creative, flexible solutions while maintaining a conservative approach.

Experience is important but so is approach. At Atipana Capital, we are entrepreneurial. We understand the challenge of growing companies, and the combination of experience and insight makes Atipana Capital a better capital provider.

Capital is our product—but our product is also backed by knowledge, experience, and insight, all of which can be useful to the success of our clients. We enjoy meeting with entrepreneurs who are looking for an alternative source of capital to help them reach their goals. We enjoy answering questions about how we can be helpful, of course; but even more important, we enjoy learning about new businesses, technologies, and markets.


We believe that providing financing to small and medium sized businesses is a compelling way to invest.  Atipana seeks to provide superior investment returns to investors in private credit markets through:


Atipana Capital is a leading manager of alternative investment solutions designed with the interests of individual investors above all else.

We are a specialty finance company focused on providing cash-flow based financing solutions for the deeply underserved and less competitive small and medium-sized enterprise community. Our commercial finance solutions enables businesses to improve cash flow management, reduce costs and improve productivity.

We employ a credit-intensive, loss-avoidance philosophy, that strives for consistent performance and preservation of capital. We aim to produce steady cash distributions, low volatility, and attractive returns via portfolios of money good financings.


Gerbian King

Gerbian King is Atipana's founder, managing principal, and portfolio manager. Independent in thought and with a contrarian mindset, he has a strong outsider mentality.

Prior to forming Atipana in 2019, he honed his investment philosophy and process for over a decade working in trading, investment analyst and client advisory roles at well-regarded institutions in New York City.

Gerbian's analytical foundation was built studying Electrical Engineering at Howard University (BS, '06) and Business Administration at Stanford University (MBA, ’12).

“Capital is not a commodity business. It’s a people business, a relationship business. We believe the best business owners want to work with people with integrity, experience, judgment and wisdom—people they can forge a long-term relationship with.”
Gerbian King
Managing Principal

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